dr-katzman-header-largeWhile all spine surgeons are trained to operate on the spine, there are many ways they’re different. Some prefer to use more traditional methods, while others seek newer, more advanced techniques. Here at NJ Spine and Orthopedics, our staff includes both neurosurgeons and spine surgeons. All of them specialize in minimally invasive techniques that allow for a quicker patient recovery and return to normal activities.

What is minimally invasive spine surgery? Well, traditional lumbar spine fusions would involve large incisions, bleeding muscle tissue, and a complete laminectomy, disectomy and fusion that required the spinal cord to be repositioned. Minimally invasive techniques use small (or minor) incisions that require little to no muscle cutting. This advanced technique decreases the patient’s blood loss and post-operative pain.

Compassion and empathy are important qualities when you are selecting the spine surgeon that is best for you. At NJ Spine and Orthopedics, our mission is to provide a patient-focused “concierge style” orthopedic practice, so our staff and spine surgeons are always accessible to our patients. We care about you and it shows.

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