3 Benefits of Visiting a Spine Surgeon

Working with a spine surgeon can help many different individuals, from athletes and the elderly to those who are experiencing chronic back and neck pain. If you or someone you love experiences pain during daily activities or has suffered serious injuries in the past, you might consider working with a spine surgeon.

Back surgery is performed to fix spinal or muscular issues that have arisen and can often help people live their lives without the pain they may be experiencing on a regular basis. If you are still concerned about visiting a spine surgeon and haven’t decided on whether or not to go through with the appointment, take a look below at some of the reasons why working with a spine surgeon might be right for you.

1.   Spine Surgeons Can Provide a Clear Diagnosis

An important aspect of a spine surgeon’s role is to supply you with information regarding your discomfort and provide a diagnosis. Unlike working with a physical therapist or a masseuse who can temporarily reduce the severity of your symptoms, a spine surgeon is able to diagnose the root cause of your pain. Once you understand how your pain is affecting you, it is easier to determine a way to mitigate the pain or manage it.

One complication is that the symptoms of common spinal conditions tend to mimic one another. When you begin explaining your symptoms to your spine surgeon, they will perform multiple tests in order to see which condition is most accurately aligned with your experience. After hearing your symptoms, the surgeon will examine your spine or other affected areas of your body and use the information they have gathered to provide a diagnosis. The surgeon may also insist on an MRI being performed, as well, which gives them an opportunity to see your spine in much better detail.

2.   Spine Surgeons Provide Helpful Resources to Patients

Long before you have a procedure, your spine surgeon will direct you to different resources that will help you improve your long-term spine health. These resources can range from brochures to literature to information packets. They may even be able to supplement your operation by recommending an acupuncturist or physical therapist.

In addition to the traditional resources that experienced spine surgeons provide, some of them may also be able to assist you in finding a specific treatment that works for you or determining the type of ergonomic furniture that will benefit the condition of your spine. All told, the resources you get from a spine surgeon can be highly valuable.

3.   Spine Surgery Can Improve Quality of Life

Living with chronic pain can put a complete stop to the way you live. It can impact your relationship with friends, family, loved ones, and it may even cost you your job. Chronic discomfort can be dealt with for a short period of time in a variety of different ways, such as massage or acupuncture, but spine surgeons can provide much more than temporary relief.

Untreated pain can worsen over time and have a dramatic effect on your quality of life by draining you of energy, taking away from your sleep, and reducing your opportunities in many other ways. Spine surgeons provide their patients with an opportunity to return to their regular life and regain the ability to participate in the things they loved doing before they experienced chronic pain.

Work with Experienced Surgeons at NJ Spine and Orthopedic

Many individuals are afraid to take the next step in their journey toward spinal health, no matter how intense the pain they experience is, but taking care of yourself is a vital and necessary part of life. The renowned team at NJ Spine and Orthopedic can give you the chance to return to a normal, healthy routine.

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