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The Right and Wrong Exercises for Individuals with a Bulging Disc

A bulging disc—a condition that occurs when the inner nucleus of a vertebral disc protrudes to its outer layer—is a relatively common injury that typically results from normal wear and tear on your spine. The level of pain that accompanies a bulging disc varies from person to person. If you’re in a position where the…

3 Signs You Might Have a Herniated or Bulging Disc

Everyone, regardless of age, can develop a herniated or bulging disc. That’s because our spine supports every movement we make. As we age, so do the discs that cushion our spine. While herniated and bulging discs can be treated and controlled, many people are unaware of why they’re in pain, causing them to try and…

What to Know About Recovering from Spinal Fusion Surgery

Recuperating after spinal fusion surgery—a procedure in which two or more vertebrae are permanently joined into one solid bone—can be a challenging process if not approached correctly. Fortunately, your spine surgeon will provide you with specific instructions that will help make the postoperative period a bit more comfortable. Even more importantly, your surgeon’s recommendations will…

What to Know About Recovering from Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

Degenerative disc disease and other spinal disorders that weaken vertebrae in the spine can impact your ability to work, take care of your kids, and live a life free of pain. Injuries, aging, and everyday wear and tear can contribute to the development of degenerative disc disease, as well as more severe conditions such as…

How Does Spinal Stenosis Occur and What Treatments Are Available?

Suffering from back pain can be extremely frustrating and debilitating. It not only prevents many people from engaging in work and other everyday activities but can also be tremendously painful. Back pain is considered the single leading cause of disability worldwide and can affect people of all ages. If you do suffer from back pain,…

Tips for Taking Care of Yourself After Spinal Fusion Surgery

care after spinal fusion surgery

Undergoing a major surgical procedure like spinal fusion is not only a tiring physical undertaking, but it can take a toll on your mental health. It’s so important to start thinking about how you will take care of your body as you begin the recovery process once you get back home. Spinal fusion, a major…

Are There Alternatives to Spinal Fusion to Alleviate Back Pain?

Are There Alternatives to Spinal Fusion to Alleviate Back Pain?

If you’re frustrated by constant back discomfort and seeking pain relief, you may be considering spinal fusion surgery. It’s a relatively common procedure that, in many cases, is essential if you want to alleviate your back pain and improve both your physical and mental health. It’s easy to understand, however, that you may be concerned…

When Should You Consider an Epidural Steroid Injection for Low Back Pain Relief?

epidural steroid spine injection for lower back pain

Your spinal column supports your entire body. Even relatively small damage to the spine can affect your ability to move, sleep, and function. When stress on the spine manifests in the low back, the pain can directly impact the quality of your life. Globally, 540 million people suffer from low back pain, and its prevalence…

4 Types of Joint Injections That May Ease Your Pain

joint injections that may ease your pain

No matter what type of joint pain you have, the suffering can be emotionally exhausting. It’s often challenging to predict why your joints hurt because several underlying health conditions or hidden injuries can be the cause of your unexplained joint pain. One of the most common sources is arthritis, including its most common forms—osteoarthritis and…

What is Sciatica and What Are Effective Treatments for It?

effective treatments for sciatica

If you’ve ever heard someone complaining of lower back or leg pain, you’ve probably heard the term “sciatica.” Sciatica is caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve, which is the largest and longest spinal nerve in the body and runs from the buttocks region into the thighs. Sciatica causes sharp pain or numbness…

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