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7 Top Causes of Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder has earned its reputation as one of the most versatile and active joints in the body. With a synovial ball-and-socket design, this joint comes together where three major bones converge. The spherical head of the upper arm fits into a shallow divot in the shoulder blade and receives anterior support from your collarbone….

3 Basic Types of Disc Herniation

The Skinny on Herniated Discs When people first hear the term hernia, they envision thick, abdominal belts and a painful diaphragm or injured groin. And, to their credit, hernias do form in these areas. However, in reality, herniations can occur in many locations throughout the body. For instance, typical hernia hotspots include the stomach, intestines,…

5 Tips for Faster Back Surgery Recovery

faster back surgery recovery

Back pain is a common problem. Stress and strain, not to mention aging, are inevitable. In most cases, conservative approaches like heat, ice, and physical therapy are effective ways to address this discomfort. In fact, 90 percent of the millions of Americans who suffer from back pain will recover without surgical intervention, according to the…

Neck Surgery Recovery: What You Should Know

neck surgery recovery tips

After a major procedure like neck surgery, you’re going to need time to recover. During that period, you should have plenty of rest and downtime. When you can do a bit more, and after your doctor gives their approval, there are some exercises you can do to keep your neck strong and stay on that…

Tips for Keeping Your Spine Surgery Recovery Healthy

tips for keeping your spine surgery healthy

After you’ve undergone spine surgery, you want to make your path to recovery smooth, painless and short. Preparing yourself with information and expectations will allow you to plan for after your surgery. Before going into surgery, you should already have your home ready, so you won’t have to do much during your recovery. At NJ…

What is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

what is failed back surgery syndrome?

Nearly 80 percent of Americans will experience back pain during their lifetime. Finding the cure for your back or neck pain can be a long journey, and for some, it ends with surgery. But what if you have neck or back surgery and continue to suffer from the same pain? Or worse, increased pain, tingling…

Common Wintertime Orthopedic Injuries

Winter is a beautiful time of year. With snow falling and ice crystals appearing on the trees, many consider it the most wonderful season. However, wet pavements, slippery snow or ice, and bitter cold increase the chance of injury. Whether you’re driving, engaging in a wintertime sport or even doing a simple task, you could…

How to Prevent Arthritis

how to prevent arthritis

When it comes to arthritis, there are some widespread misconceptions about it. Many people might think arthritis is something that happens to random individuals without any rhyme or reason. There’s no preventing it, and you’ll either develop it or you won’t. Others might think it’s entirely genetic, and so the chances of developing it are…

5 Ways to Tell if You Have Sciatica

5 ways to tell if you have sciatica

Many of us have experienced shooting pains in our lower backs before. Sometimes these pains extend down the backs of the legs and into the feet. Sometimes the pain eventually passes, and sometimes it returns, worse than before. Pain without any reasonable explanation is understandably frustrating. You want to know what’s causing it and how…

How a Hostile Home Can Worsen Lower Back Pain

It’s incredible the power of words. An encouraging word can see someone through the hardest experiences. Adversely, harsh or critical words can be harmful. We know negativity plays a role in our psyche. However, researchers are now finding that open hostility can harm us physically as well. When you live in a hostile home under…

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