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M6-C Disc Replacement Procedure

m6-c articificial disc replacement

People living with cervical degenerative disc disease can benefit greatly from the M6-C artificial cervical disk replacement surgery offered at NJ Spine and Orthopedics. This innovative procedure is performed by our highly skilled spine surgeons and is perfect for people who don’t want to undergo spinal fusion surgery. It is the only surgery that provides…

Signs It’s Time to See a Spine Surgeon

spine surgeon with patient

Is lower back or neck pain making it difficult to do the things you love? Maybe you’ve tried a couple of conservative treatments but they don’t seem to be helping. You’re probably wondering if it’s time to talk with a spine surgeon. If so, you’re not alone. At some point in our lifetimes, most of…

25 Ways to Calm Anxiety Before Surgery

25 ways to calm surgery anxiety

You may be filled with stress, anxiety, and fear in the days and weeks leading up to your surgery. Anxiety before surgery is perfectly normal for the average person. In fact, a recent study of 239 patients preparing for surgery revealed more than half of the participants, 168 to be exact, showed strong signs of…

Say Goodbye to Cervical Radiculopathy

man with neck pain from cervical radiculopathy

Are you bothered by neck pain that radiates down your arm? Do certain neck movements make your pain worse? Or, maybe you’re worried about that “pins and needles” sensation in your shoulder, arm, or hand? If so, then you may be dealing with cervical radiculopathy. This neurological condition can be caused by changes in the…

What’s Causing My Ankle Pain?

woman with ankle pain

Generally speaking, people associate ankle pain with athletes. That’s certainly a fair observation. After all, strains and sprains are some of the most common injuries to befall both athletes and the ankle. This only makes sense considering how crucially the ankle functions in executing our everyday activities like walking. For example, consider the many instances…

Nonsurgical Treatments for Hip Osteoarthritis 


Arthritis, in general, is a pretty interesting condition. There are just so many different types of the disorder. In fact, doctors group certain forms of arthritis under different medical classifications than other types of the disease. As a general rule, arthritis describes a type of joint inflammation, usually caused by age-related wear and tear. Of…

Advantages of Minimally Invasive ACDF

woman riding bike after ACDF

Minimally invasive surgeries are a wonderful advancement in modern medicine. For comparison, think about the diagnostic methods that we used in the past vs. the sophisticated techniques that we use now. Before the advent of x-ray imaging, doctors relied on exploratory surgery. The only way to look inside the body was to cut into the…

4 Surprising Conditions Treated with PRP Therapy

conditions treated by prp therapy

One of the most fascinating aspects of the human body is its ability to heal itself. The more thoroughly that we can understand how this process works, the better we can become at artificially enhancing it. This is a crucial objective that scientists must bear in mind when they develop medicines to treat various ailments….

Choosing the Perfect Running Shoe

choosing the perfect running shoe

As the spring air refreshes our lungs and warms our faces, the urge to lace up that old pair of running shoes beckons. After all, running is a great cardiovascular exercise. It clears the mind, relieves stress, and helps you see little sections of the world you wouldn’t even notice in a car. Before you…

Getting to the Nerve (Root) of Spinal Bone Spurs

spinal bone spurs

Bone spurs, or osteophytes, are small outgrowths of bone that appear along the edges of our bones. Typically, these structures develop over time, usually forming at the joints in various places throughout the body. For example, bone spurs may pop up in the hands, spine, hips, shoulders, knees, feet, and much more. Despite what most…

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