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3 Ways Yoga Can Help With Back Pain

There are many reasons you may be experiencing back pain. Whether it is caused by an injury, a herniated disc, or any other condition, a yoga workout can provide relief for even the most uncomfortable and stubborn pain. Back pain affects 70–90%  of Americans at some point in their lives, and for some, the pain…

How to Manage Back Pain During the Winter Months

Chilly weather can be delightful, especially when you’re spending time bundled up outdoors with friends and loved ones. Whether you’re building snowmen or simply enjoying the crisp air on a walk, there’s something to love about the winter for just about everyone. If you experience chronic back pain, however, lower temperatures can come with a…

Common Back Injuries to Avoid During the Winter

If you’ve experienced a back injury during the winter months, you’re not alone. Everyday tasks like walking and driving can become more dangerous after an overnight snow storm or freeze, especially if you aren’t prepared. The good news is that preventing winter injuries is possible with some extra precautions. After a winter injury, you might…

Accessories for Recovering from Back Surgery

If you’re preparing to have back surgery in New Jersey, you’re likely already thinking about the day-of logistics such as transportation to and from the procedure. However, you should also be thinking about what you need post-procedure. We’ve broken down a detailed inventory of everything you’ll need, both in the hospital and at home, to…

How Do I Know If My Back Pain Is from a Sports Injury?

Whether at the professional, collegiate, or recreational level, all athletes are at a higher risk of suffering a severe sports injury. Participating in sports is great for many things—your heart, your mind, and your strength. In an ideal world, all you would have to focus on is becoming the best and attaining big milestones in…

Laminectomy vs. Laminotomy: What’s Right for Me?

Laminectomy and laminotomy are surgeries performed on the spine that involve accessing the lamina—the flat, outside bone of the spinal canal. These surgeries are known as spinal decompression surgeries and are quite similar in nature; the only difference is how the lamina is approached. In a laminectomy, the lamina is entirely removed from the spine….

Is There a Connection Between Diabetes and Inflammation?

In the United States, diabetes affects one in ten individuals, making it one of the most common health disorders in the country. This chronic metabolic condition occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels. Long term health effects can include kidney disease, loss of vision, and heart disease, but…

When Is Back Surgery a Good Option for Pain Relief?

It can happen to anyone: you wake up one morning with discomfort in your back that will not go away. You try to ice it or apply heat, but the ache persists. If this sounds like something you are experiencing, you are not alone. Recent studies have shown that over 8% of adults in the…

How to Determine the Right Treatment for Your Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica is a common condition in many adults and is often treated with at-home techniques, such as over-the-counter medication, heat and ice therapy, and simple stretches and exercises. These treatments may reduce your sciatica pain, but the pain may continue or become worse over time. Keep reading to learn more about what sciatica feels like,…

Could a Spine Issue Lead to Foot Pain?

Foot pain is more often associated with ill-fitted shoes or other issues like tendonitis or arthritis. However, there are cases where your foot pain may be linked to spine problems, and you may not even know it. Here, we’ll explore how the spine and foot are linked. What Does a Spine Look Like? Before we…

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