Dr. Douglas Slaughter, MD

Dr. Douglas Slaughter, orthopedic spine surgeon

Dr. Douglas Slaughter, NJSO’s newest board-certified orthopedic surgeon, has been successfully practicing orthopedic surgery for over 21 years.

He specializes in using minimally invasive methods for orthopedic surgery, with a strong focus in reconstructive surgery for spinal injuries. At NJSO, Dr. Slaughter treats patients who experience conditions that affect muscles, bones, and joints due to sports and high-impact activity injuries. He also treats patients with age-related injuries due to degenerative issues.

Dr. Slaughter served in the United States Army Reserves and simultaneously received his undergraduate degree majoring in mechanical engineering and biochemistry at The Ohio State University in 1985. He then entered medical school and began his lifelong pursuit and dream of becoming a physician – stemming from the age of 8.

Dr. Slaughter received his medical degree from The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and served his residency in orthopedic surgery at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. He further honed his orthopedic expertise in spinal reconstructive surgery in New York City at Beth Israel Spine Institute under the direction of Dr. Michael Neuwirth.

Dr. Slaughter joined Sonoran Spine Center in Phoenix, Arizona, where he developed an interest in minimally invasive techniques, which led to personally developing both spinal reconstructive surgery and minimally invasive surgery practices at Sonoran Spine Center. He is a pioneer of minimally invasive surgery and teaches his personally developed techniques to surgeons across the western and southwestern U.S.

Dr. Slaughter’s dedication to treating every patient with the least invasive methods possible has allowed him to become a leading U.S. spine surgeon and a member of the NJSO expert team.  If minimally invasive treatment is necessary, he will work with you personally to develop a treatment plan that works best for you and your needs.

Dr. Slaughter completed a left Laminectomy, Facetectomy T9-10 with disckectomy with no rods or screws and only a one inch incision. After surgery and recovery I was feeling great. I walked out of the surgery center with no leg weakness. I arrived in NJ on Wednesday had surgery on Thursday and flew home on Friday. If anyone is thinking about having back surgery consult with NJ Spine and Ortho they are very professional. It has been a month now since my surgery and I'm feeling great. My back and leg pain is 100% gone. A big thanks to Dr. Slaughter and his team.

Susan Pope, NJ Spine & Orthopedic

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