Accessories for Recovering from Back Surgery

If you’re preparing to have back surgery in New Jersey, you’re likely already thinking about the day-of logistics such as transportation to and from the procedure. However, you should also be thinking about what you need post-procedure. We’ve broken down a detailed inventory of everything you’ll need, both in the hospital and at home, to aid in your comfort and recovery.

Slip-On Shoes

Your doctor may want you to walk around the hospital floor every hour or so, and it may hurt to bend down after your surgery, preventing you from tying shoelaces. Slip-on shoes will circumnavigate this need. Crocs are a great option as they’re comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and wearable inside and outside.

Large Water Bottle

Doctors and nurses will encourage you to drink plenty of water post-surgery to stay hydrated. Squeeze bottles are great because they allow you to drink while lying down. You can also find larger water bottles at Walmart or Target that show you how much water you need to drink throughout the day.

Frozen Gel Packs and Heating Pads

Ice is a great pain reliever, although we recommend using gel packs instead of traditional ice packs or cubes from your freezer. You have to keep your wounds clean and dry for the first few weeks, and ice packs can leak onto the incisions.

A few days after your surgery, your doctor may allow you to begin using heating pads to alleviate any pain or discomfort. Heat can also help reduce stiffness in areas that weren’t operated on, such as your neck.

Extra Pillows

Pillows can help add support and reduce any discomfort you may experience. Place a pillow in between your knees while in a reclining position or sleeping on your side. It will take the stress off your lower back.

Canes and Walkers

It may be hard to walk around your house, but you might feel more comfortable walking with added stability from a cane or walker. You can discuss acquiring one with your doctor, and they can also recommend which one would be best for you.


What you put in your body post-surgery can make a difference in your recovery. While it’s important to drink plenty of water, you’ll also want to eat foods that are high in protein and fiber. High-fiber foods will help with any post-surgery constipation, while high-protein foods will help your body heal more efficiently.

Pain Medication

Your doctor will most likely prescribe you pain medication to help ease your pain and discomfort. Ensure that a family member or close friend can pick up your prescription. On the day of your surgery, you may feel a little groggy, so investing in a pill organizer can help. Before taking any medications, make sure to read the label and instructions for how often to take them.


Since much of your time will be spent indoors following your surgery, so make sure you have enough activities to keep you busy throughout recovery. You’ll finally have time to binge-watch that show everyone’s been talking about, or you can read a book or two.

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