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Do you have recent neck or back pain diagnostic tests and need a spine expert to review them? Perhaps your test results have already been reviewed and you need a second opinion.

Our team of certified orthopedic specialists, are here to discuss, review and give a diagnosis, so you can move on with the next steps towards fixing your neck or back pain.

Do you simply want to discuss your treatment options? Our orthopedic specialists are ready to provide you with answers.

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Request a Free MRI Review!

Confirm the Accuracy of Your Diagnostic Tests With a Spine MRI Review

For an accurate, thorough and detailed MRI diagnosis, you need a second review. Not every doctor will interpret the same MRI scan the same way. Every radiologist has a different opinion and, unfortunately, even the most seasoned radiologists can make a mistake. So, it only makes sense to get extra assurance and ensure the accuracy of your diagnosis with a spinal MRI review.

Get a New Perspective

There are many reasons why your doctor may have ordered an MRI scan, but there are even more reasons to get a second opinion. A second opinion on your MRI exam is crucial, particularly for conditions where diagnostic mistakes may result in more invasive treatments, life-threatening damage or even death. In this case, a second pair of eyes can make an important difference in your diagnosis and treatment.

Lead the Way to Your Recovery With a Free Spine MRI Review

Most doctors agree that patients should lead the way to their recovery. They feel patients should play an active role in their healthcare and this includes getting a second MRI review. Your course of treatment depends on the diagnostic results. That’s why it’s very important to double-check the initial diagnosis so you can make informed decisions.

Seeking a second opinion on an MRI exam doesn’t mean you don’t trust your radiologist. It simply means you’re a smart, informed patient who wants to ensure the best diagnosis and treatment. Many physicians respect their patients having their MRI reviewed from a fellow trained radiologist because it means new information and accurate diagnosis.

It’s your body. It’s your health. Claim your free spine MRI review from our specialists today.

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