Ask A Doctor: The Benefits of a Laminoforaminotomy

“What is a laminoforaminotomy, and how does it eliminate my back pain?” -Joel, Hoboken, NJ

Laminoforaminotomy is a rather long word, but the procedure isn’t as confusing as it sounds. At NJ Spine & Orthopedic, we see the majority of our patients coming in with chronic lower back pain typically caused by spinal stenosis, a condition where the spinal nerve roots are compressed due to the narrowing of the spinal canal.

When non-surgical treatment options fail to manage the chronic symptoms of spinal stenosis, our minimally invasive approach to eliminating the stenosis is a treatment called a Laminoforaminotomy.

What is a Laminoforaminotomy?

Lamino” refers to your spine’s lamina, a thin plate of bone surrounding your spinal canal.

Foramin” refers to the neuroforamen, or the passageways within your spinal canal in which spinal nerve roots pass through, alongside the lamina.

Otomy” means to remove something surgically.

Our surgeons are able to quickly remove the part of the spinal cord pressing against the nerve passageways by using a special, minimally invasive technique that consists of going over the lamina and around the muscle, instead of cutting through the muscle. This allows for a one-incision procedure versus typical procedures that require six to eight incisions.

Our technique creates a tiny, one-inch hole no larger than the size of a dime or a postage stamp into the spinal canal. Using a narrow tube that is entered into the incision, our spinal surgeons repair the damage to the spine and eliminate the pain without harming or cutting the surrounding muscle.

A Long History of Invasive Approaches

Eliminating back pain due to spinal stenosis has not always been so simple. Historically, if a patient with spinal stenosis required surgery, orthopedic surgeons had to perform highly invasive and painful open-back operations. This made surgery complex, costly and time consuming, followed by a lengthy and painful recovery period. Today, many doctors unfortunately still practice this approach, despite life-changing advancements in spinal surgery methods.

A Laminoforaminotomy diminishes the need for such inconvenience and discomfort with four NJ Spine and Ortho benefits:

Benefit 1: Simple and Minimally Invasive

Our laminoforaminotomy is more efficient and less complicated than most spinal procedures. Patients can now pencil in a quick treatment without the hassle and headache of orthopedic surgeries performed by other doctors.

Our minimally invasive approach puts less strain on your body. As a result, you will experience limited pain, numbness and tingling post-treatment.

Benefit 2: Shorter, At-Home Recovery

Our Laminoforaminotomy technique allows patients to receive a one-day outpatient treatment. You are able to leave our offices the same day of surgery and spend your brief recovery in the comfort of your own home. This eliminates a costly and inconvenient hospital stay, allowing you to return to normal activities within days after surgery.

Benefit 3: Muscle Protection

Our team’s ability to perform the Laminoforaminotomy without cutting through muscle by using such a small incision minimizes blood loss and effectively reduces pain and numbness after the procedure.

Patients can say goodbye to long recovery times and large scars on their back, and can rest assured that our minimally invasive technique will bring much needed, immediate relief.

Benefit 4: Long-Lasting Results

A Laminoforaminotomy performed by our team at NJ Spine and Ortho is a long-lasting, worthwhile investment in your quality of life.

We’ve performed this procedure on hundreds of pain-ridden individuals and have seen first-hand how it can help people return to more fulfilling, active lives after chronic back pain from spinal stenosis.

If you’re experiencing lower back pain or struggling with spinal stenosis, find out if a laminoforaminotomy is right for you and contact NJ Spine and Orthopedics today for a free consultation.


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