Do you have  spinal or foraminal stenosis? Herniated discs, bulging discs and facet hypertrophy are common causes and side effects of stenosis,  which require further treatment.

Most doctors treat these spinal cord and disc related issues with a laminectomy, but here at NJSO, we’ve developed our own smarter and more advanced minimally invasive solution called a Laminoforaminotomy.


A new technique called a Laminoforaminotomy was created by NJSO’s world-renowned surgeon and industry expert, Dr. Scott Katzman. He creates a very tiny hole to work through and fix the stenosis. Through a hole the size of a dime or nickel (and with the aid of a long narrow tube) our surgeons can perform a laminectomy and foraminotomy.

Plus, this new technique developed at NJ Spine and Orthopedic does so without cutting muscle, so there is less soreness and less blood loss – usually none. Since less muscle is cut, there is minimal pain allowing the surgery to be performed as an outpatient procedure.

These are done through a small incision, under 1 inch in size, in which doctors go around muscles and surround tissue instead of cutting through them.

This technique allows our patients to go home the very same day.

Same day surgeries mean no hospital stay, which means less chance for infections, reduced overall cost and fewer problems. A laminoforaminotomy is one of the newest techniques for treatment of spinal stenosis. When done with a high powered microscope and experienced surgeon, this procedure represents the ultimate state of the art technology used to safely fix your spinal problem.

If you suffer from pain, weakness or numbness that radiates into the extremities or have difficulty standing, sitting or walking for long periods of time, our skilled team of spine surgeons can help you achieve relief.


No more pain, numbness or tingling

When conservative treatments have failed, a minimally invasive Laminoforaminotomy may be your next best option.

The powerful microscope improves the safety of the procedure by adding excellent clarity for the spine surgeon. It is exceedingly rare to have accidental neurologic injury when there is no blood loss and the doctor can see everything with 10X magnification. The end result is no pain, no numbness, no tingling, no cramping and patients are able to return normal activities very soon.  Plus, you no longer have to wait a full year to feel better.

A shorter recovery

Our doctors are highly skilled at both procedures and combine the two into one, quick treatment session. Patients receive a quick, outpatient experience without having to undergo multiple surgeries, resulting in a reduced recovery period.

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Take the next step towards fixing your pain 

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