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Elizabeth, NJ When you need best-in-class medical care for pain in your back, spine, and neck, look no further than NJ Spine and Orthopedic. Our offices near Elizabeth, New Jersey are home to an award-winning team of board-certified neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic specialists, and physicians. We utilize advanced technology, up-to-the-minute research, and top-of-the-line treatment options for patients, no matter the severity or cause of your injury. We apply a patient-centered approach to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

We understand that many patients want to avoid surgery, which is why our specialists in Elizabeth will first try conservative methods of treatment. If surgery is recommended, you can be sure that our top-notch physicians will apply minimally invasive techniques that will ease your pain and help you get back to the life you once enjoyed. Our spine surgeons are dedicated to achieving the best results for every patient with the least invasive approach possible. To do so, we use state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to promote faster recovery times that allow you to return to normal activities much sooner. Help us help you on the road to recovery.


Common Causes of Back Pain Among Americans

If you have back pain, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Today, 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain at any given time, and an estimated 80 percent will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. Here are a few of the most common causes of a sore, aching, or painful back that may lead you to seek out a spine doctor in Elizabeth:

Pulled Muscle or Tendon

Back pain can derive from even the most typical activities. Lifting heavy boxes, working out, sleeping awkwardly, hunching over at your desk, or twisting can lead to discomfort in your back. If you strained or sprained one of the muscles in your back, you may feel tightness and spasms.


Inflammation is part of your body’s natural immune response but can still cause you to feel discomfort. If inflammation lingers because of an injury or disease, it can lead to chronic soreness in your back and spine.


Spinal arthritis is inflammation of the facet joints in the spine or sacroiliac joints between the spine and the pelvis. It may be related to wear and tear, autoimmune disorders, infection, and other conditions.

Bulging or Ruptured Disks

Disks act as cushions between the bones in your spine. The soft material inside a disk can bulge or rupture and press on a nerve. Note that you can have a bulging or ruptured disk without back pain. Disk disease is often found accidentally when you have spine X-rays for some other reason.

Spinal Stenosis

This condition causes pain via the narrowing of the spinal canal where the nerve roots are located. Often, this condition impairs your ability to walk and requires surgical treatment.


While you can break a vertebra during a fall or other accident, fractures can also develop as a result of a bone-thinning disease called osteoporosis. Over time, your vertebrae may crumble, which can cause moderate to severe back pain when you move or when bones compress nerves.

Other common causes of back pain include stress, infections, tumors, alignment problems, sciatica, car accidents, cervical radiculopathy, spasms, and health issues in other parts of your body. Fortunately, your condition is treatable if you know where to look. At NJ Spine & Orthopedic in Elizabeth, our medical staff can help you gain a better understanding of how to handle your injury.


Risk Factors That Can Lead to Back Pain

Anyone can develop back pain, even children and teens. Nevertheless, these factors may put you at a greater risk:

  • Age
  • Lack of exercise
  • Excess weight
  • Diseases
  • Improper lifting
  • Psychological conditions
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Occupational hazards
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor posture
  • Pregnancy

Of course, back pain is so prevalent that it can strike even if you have no risk factors at all. If you feel any symptoms, contact the medical staff at NJ Spine and Orthopedic.


Expert Spine Surgeons in Elizabeth, New Jersey

If you have discomfort in your back, spine, or neck, consider visiting the specialists at NJ Spine and Orthopedic. Our experienced and board-certified back doctors in Elizabeth offer expert diagnosis and treatment for pain and dysfunction. No matter the cause—whether it’s from an injury, deformity, degenerative disk disease, trauma, or even just an awkward twist while you were sleeping—we’re here to help.

If you can’t pinpoint the cause of your pain, use our online pain assessment tool. If you know your condition, find treatment options through our free Treatment Finder. If you have an MRI scan, get a free expert review on our website today.We’re dedicated to providing a safe environment and delivering the most effective surgical services on the market. Give us a call at (866) 272-9271 or complete our contact form today!