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When you’re suffering from back, neck, or spine pain and need relief, look no further than New Jersey Spine and Orthopedic. With offices near New Rochelle, New York, our board-certified doctors are here to help you ease the pain that’s bothered you for so long. We use the most recent research, technology, and equipment to allow quick recovery times and faster relief. 

Why Do I Have Back Pain? 

Back pain is one of the most common medical conditions. Experts say that nearly 31 million Americans suffer from it. Typically, back pain occurs when your spinal joints, muscles, or discs do not fit or move together correctly. There are many reasons why your back might be causing you pain, such as: 

  • Poor posture 
  • Pulled or strained muscles
  • Bulging discs 
  • Arthritis 
  • Sprains or strains 
  • Degenerative disc disease 
  • Weight 
  • Stress
  • Inflammation 

If you’re unsure where your pain is coming from, take our pain assessment. If you already know your condition but are unsure how to treat it, complete our Treatment Finder. We also provide free MRI scan reviews

Can I Treat My Back Pain at Home? 

Most back pain goes away on its own in a few weeks. There are several things you can do at home to reduce your pain. 

  • Light exercise: You may not want to move around, but it’s essential to stay active. Try to keep up with daily movement. A 30-minute walk is a great way to get moving, and you should aim for light exercise at least three times a week. 
  • Medicine: Over the counter medication like Tylenol or Advil can go a long way in reducing pain or swelling. Remember to read and follow all instructions on the label. 
  • Heat and ice packs: Heat can reduce the stiffness you feel, while ice can reduce any swelling. Alternating between the two will help reduce overall pain. 
  • Practice good posture: A common cause of back pain is slouching or sitting improperly. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and head centered over your pelvis. 
  • Maintain a healthy weight: Keeping a healthy weight will reduce the burden your spine has to support. 

Even though these are good ways to deal with back pain at home, you must seek medical care if your pain persists. 

When to See a Doctor about Back Pain 

If your pain doesn’t improve over time or worsens, it’s time to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Below are just a few signs to indicate you should consult a doctor: 

  • Fever
  • Numbness or tingling 
  • Unexplained weight loss 
  • Lack of control over bowel or bladder movements 
  • Nighttime pain 
  • Weakness in your arms or legs 

If you sustained an injury of any kind, you should seek medical care right away, even if you feel fine. Some injuries may not show symptoms until days or weeks after the accident. Additionally, if you have a family history of severe medical conditions, like cancer, you should schedule an appointment at the onset of your pain. 

Procedures Offered at NJ Spine and Orthopedic 

Our expert team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopedic specialists specialize in a wide variety of minimally invasive surgical procedures. Before it comes to surgery, however, our doctors will always try more conservative healing methods like physical therapy. If your pain continues, only then will surgery be offered. Some of our more common procedures include: 

Generally, minimally invasive surgery allows for a quicker recovery, has a decreased risk of complications, and requires shorter hospital stays. 

Spine Experts in New Rochelle, New York 

If you suffer from back, neck, or spine pain and live in New Rochelle, New York, reach out to the team at New Jersey Spine and Orthopedic. A specialist will sit with you one-on-one to discuss your pain and possible treatment methods. Our doctors are devoted to providing the best care possible for every patient. 

Call (866) 272-9271 or complete an online contact form today. Regardless of the cause, our team is ready to help! 

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