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Are you experiencing back pain in Westchester, NY? The team at NJ Spine and Orthopedic (NJSO) offers help via minimally invasive procedures and treatment modalities proven to be effective. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that depend on your level of pain and health condition.

Our staff has extensive experience in helping patients like you overcome challenges relating to back pain. If you have yet to find a solution that works in Westchester, NY, reach out to NJ Spine and Orthopedic and start on the road to wellness now.


Tips for Preventing Back Pain in Westchester, NY

Depending on the reason for your back pain, you may be able to take steps to mitigate it. Just a few adjustments to the way you move and regard your body may help with back discomfort.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Listen to your body when it comes to back pain. If you’re in pain, don’t try to engage in your average level of activity. Prioritize comfort and give your body a chance to heal.

Move Around

When it comes to physical activity, please don’t overdo it. However, some movements can be beneficial. For instance, light stretching can sometimes help to mitigate discomfort. Before you do so, however, make an appointment with a back specialist to ensure that you don’t have a more serious issue that might worsen with movement.

Rely on Ergonomically Correct Furnishings and Physical Positioning

For instance, if you sit in a chair for most of the day, make sure the one you use is ergonomically correct and supports good posture. The same rule applies to any table or desk that you might use during the workday.

Sit with flat feet, and your knees bent 90 degrees to minimize back discomfort. Try to sit with your back straight up and shoulders back when possible. The more you slouch or sit on soft surfaces, the more likely you are to experience back-related discomfort.


Work With a Back Doctor to Get Help for Back Pain

Back pain can be extremely debilitating, so getting help is critical to high quality of life. While some back-related discomfort can be resolved at home, it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion first. Working with a back pain specialist ensures that the issue is not more severe than it may initially appear.

Schedule an appointment with one of our back pain specialists today if you experience back pain that causes numbness or tingling down your legs or does not improve with rest. This is particularly imperative if your back pain occurs in conjunction with other symptoms, such as pain in other areas of the body, fever, rash, redness or swelling.


Contact One of Our Board Certified Spine Surgeons in Westchester, NY

You don’t have to suffer through chronic back pain issues or try to guess what is happening in your body. NJ Spine and Orthopedic has a team of board-certified spine surgeons and orthopedic specialists to help you correctly diagnose and treat back and spine conditions. We utilize our expertise to provide you with sound medical guidance and support you through your treatment plan every step of the way.

We emphasize minimally invasive techniques to improve your quality of life. Call (646) 652-8626 or contact us here to schedule an appointment today.